The Weather

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Marathon ARtists

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New album from the Australian psychedelic rock band, Pond.

“Pond, an Australian rock band, toppled the stateliness of Britpop anthems into psychedelic turbulence, melting down grandiose riffs or pushing them toward screaming tantrums.” – New York Times

“From sleazy rock excess, to introspective, cracked psychedelia and back again” – Fader


Barry says: Off-kilter rhythms, the heaviest distorted basses you're likely to hear and soaring vocal harmonies. Brilliantly danceable synth freak-outs complete with plate reverbed mile-long drum tails. Get it or regret it!


30000 Megatons
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Paint Me Silver
Colder Than Ice
Edge Of The World Pt. 1
Zen Automaton
All I Want For Xmas (is A Tascam 388)
Edge Of The World Pt. 2
The Weather

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