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Fever - Journey To The Centre Of The Song Vol. 2

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Stag-O-Lee presents a new series called Journey to the Centre of the Song, celebrating one song at a time, and it’s many guises and interpretations. This time out it's Fever.

Linernotes: “I'm not sure what the first version of "Fever" I ever heard (hopefully Elvis, probably Bon Jovi) but it has become engrained into my psyche. This song is covered scores of times a year and has become album filler for tired artists trying to find that last track before the hand in date. This belies the history of one of the most sultry song ever written. A burning, intoxicating and poisonous feeling of yearning, lust and passion that is ageless and endless. Sexy just doesn't cover it. It smoulders and breathes hot sweat on the back of your neck. For a crash course in "Fever" check out the original Little Willie John and Peggy Lee, Elvis and the Cramps (a track I have played at the end of almost every Stay Sick clubnight since 2008). Then listen to this... This collection tries to show the many diverse guises I have discovered lurking in the darkness. These are the versions overlooked, and often uncompiled till now. I hope this song infects you like it has me - But what a lovely way to burn...” Chris Sick STAY SICK !!! Brighton 2016

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