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Death And Vanilla Album (Reissue)

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Fire Records

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Marleen Nilsson and Anders Hansson AKA Death and Vanilla released their first full length self-titled eponymous debut LP in 2012. It radiates sophisticated retro-futuristic psych-pop whilst channeling their passion for hauntology, library, krautrock and radiophonic music. Mastered by Linus Sjölund at RED audio it was initially released on French label ‘Hands In The Dark’ which like their EP sold out on pre-order.

Fire Records now release the album on black/yellow splatter vinyl and CD alongside the ‘From Above’ 7” and their self-titled debut EP. 


Andy says: Krauty, moog, hushed, library baroque pop that breezes along in a sultry fashion.


01 Rituals
02 Dreams Of Sheep
03 Cul-De-Sac
04 Somnambulists
05 The Unseeing Eye
06 From Elsewhere
07 Library Goblin
08 The Clearing
09 The Unseeing I

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