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Closer - 2007 Remaster Vinyl Edition

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Joy Division's second album came out a year after their debut, and many consider it an even greater achievement. Whilst still messed-up, depressed and turbulent, there's a less violent and more resigned vibe here. A majestic gloom prevails and whilst the old side one would feature their trademark, twisted, scariness, a glacial, detached beauty sees the last four songs take Joy Division into the realm of the gods. These are brooding soundscapes with keyboards to the fore (the whole album has less guitars) and heartbreaking melodies. In this seamless run of four unbelievable tracks, the sorrow and emptiness is so real, so powerful, that nothing in popular music has since surpassed it. They were growing as writers and their sound had evolved. Two of the most stunning albums in the history of pop and only a year apart. A whole slew of imitators were waiting in the wings, and Joy Division were set to take on the world. We all know what happened next.


1. Atrocity Exhibition 
2. Isolation 
3. Passover 
4. Colony 
5. A Means To An End 
6. Heart And Soul 
7. Twenty Four Hours 
8. The Eternal
9. Decades 

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