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Tirk Records - 10 Years 2004 - 2014

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“Following the demise of Nuphonic came Tirk Recordings, a label set up by Nuphonic’s other half, Sav Remzi. Still being sent brilliant music worthy of releasing Remzi set about building another label to be trusted, going for eclectic and often adventurous selection of tracks whether it was made on a Jupiter 8 or a Les Paul.

Starting with the post-punk funk of New Young Pony Club’s ‘Ice Cream’ and Fujiya Miyagi’s ‘Transparent Things’, and a brilliant compilation from disco perverters the Idjut Boys, Tirk hit the ground running. Venturing into new forms of music, but still seemingly near the edge of the zeitgeist of contemporary music, the label went on to bring together an international collection of maverick music makers.

In its 10 year history: Tom Findlay from Groove Armada has cropped up as Sugardaddy and Morten Sorensen; Greg Wilson has demonstrated why he is master of the edit; Richard Norris sent his Time And Space Machine into orbit; the Human League’s legendary producer Martin Rushent clearly showed that he still loved electronic music with ‘Itchy Hips’; Maurice Fulton continued to prove that his genius is a truly warped one; and original Blockhead Chaz Jankel wowed with previously unreleased tracks and a Todd Terje re-edit of his anthem ‘Glad To Know You’.

At the same time a new wave of producers / artists also found a home at Tirk. NYC’s Drrtyhaze; the SoCal grooves of Sorcerer; Sam Annand’s Architeq; The Love Supreme from Italy; modern day pop troubadours Tim Chad & Sherry; Space, the original galactic disco Frenchman in helmets; the sublime electronica of Acos Coolkas; and the vital energetic disco punk band Escort all continue to give Tirk a currency in the blurred boundaries and sounds of today’s underground music and night-life.

Good music will always be sought after, but it often needs a helping hand to find its audience. Quite what Louis Armstrong would make of Tirk is anyone’s guess but listening to this compilation and to the last ten years of the label, thank heavens there are still people like Sav helping connect the good stuff to our ears.” - Rob Wood (Music Concierge, Jockey Slut)


Acos Coolkas - Free Flight (Instrumental)
Architeq - Birds Of Prey
Dennis Young - Walk
Sugardaddy - Love Honey (Electro)
Tantra - A Place Called Tarot
Hedford Vachal - Toys (Richard Sen Remix)
Chaz Jankel - Glad To Know You (Todd Terje Re-edit)
Arcade Lover - Fantasy Lines
Space - Carry On, Turn Me On
Klein And MBO - Dirty Talk (Greg Wilson Remix)
The Time And Space Machine - Set Phazer To Stun
Love And Money - Strange Kind Of Love (Haraket Remix)
Tim, Chad And Sherry - Rocket Tonight

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