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Genre pick of the week Cover of All Kinds Of You by Ryley Walker.
Ryley Walker is a 24 year-old singer/songwriter and guitarist from Chicago. His debut album, All Kinds Of You, will be released worldwide via Tompkins Square. Having kicked around Chicago's experimental free/noise music scene for several years, Ryley recently turned to a folk-rock sound inspired by some of his heroes, among them Tim Hardin, Tim Buckley, and Bert Jansch. The result is a poised and accomplished debut album, recorded in Chicago by Cooper Crain (guitarist/keyboardist in Cave).

"With the charming swagger of jazz-folk troubadour Tim Buckley and the resonant, full picking style of Bert Jansch, 'The West Wind' comes from Walker's first widely available release, a three-song 12". With acoustic guitar in hand and a voice like browned butter, Walker swings and sways in a lush string-and piano arrangement right out of Buckley's 'Starsailor'; it slowly picks up to a swirling gallop without bucking the rhythm." - NPR Music.

Chuck Berry

One Dozen Berrys - Coloured Vinyl LP + CD Edition

'One Dozen Berrys' was Chuck Berry’s second LP, and - like its predecessor, 'After School Session' (1957) - contained a mixture of songs which had already been released on singles and EPs, mixed in with new material. Its tracks were drawn from recordings laid down at four one-day sessions, from January and May 1957, and January and February 1958 - the latter being only weeks before the album release. Five out of the 12 songs were previously unreleased - or rather, four of them, since 'Low Feeling' is the master from 'Blue Feeling', slowed down. The album appeared in March 1958, just as Chuck’s new single 'Johnny B Goode' / 'Around & Around' was climbing the charts, but those songs would have to wait till the July 1959 release of his next album to appear in the long playing format. Most artists would think it insanity to leave off such all-time classics from their new record, but Chuck was red-hot that year, and 'One Dozen Berrys' rode in fresh on the heels of his previous double-sided smash 45, 'Sweet Little Sixteen' / 'Reelin’ and Rockin'’, which kicked off each side of the album.


LP Info: Deluxe coloured vinyl and CD package. Designed by Sophie Lo. Liner notes by rock & roll author, musician and mojo writer Max Decharne.

Following a spur-of-the-moment cross-country trip with a pair of fiery European girls, Vikesh Kapoor left school for a brief yet inspiring stint as a mason’s apprentice. The America he had previously known resided narrowly between his childhood home in rural Pennsylvania and the New England university he left home for. Alongside his parents’ own immigrant struggles, these experiences quickly witnessed Kapoor to the scope of the American dream.

A few years later, Kapoor performed at Howard Zinn’s memorial service in Boston, in front of Zinn’s family and colleagues (including Noam Chomsky). Roused by Zinn’s lifelong battle against class/race injustice, Kapoor spent the next two years in Portland, Oregon working on his full-length debut record. The Ballad Of Willy Robbins, a concept album loosely based on a newspaper article, chronicles the brutal but hopeful story of a working class man who slowly loses everything: ambitions, health, family and shelter. It’s a worker’s tale, less specific to the blue-collar life as it is about anyone struggling to make something of themselves.

Co-produced by Adam Selzer (M. Ward) and features Nate Query (Decemberists, Black Prairie), Jeff Ratner (Langhorne Slim) and Birger Olsen (Denver).

THE NEW YORKER: “a series of sharply etched portraits of struggling Americans that points back along a road of socially conscious songs. Woody Guthrie is standing at the head of that road”

Great majestic Americana record a la Red House Painters, Lambchop, Lanegan from pedal steel journeyman.

Seattle-based singer/songwriter Bill Patton finally steps out of the shadows with his full-length debut. Bill has played guitar and pedal steel for the Fleet Foxes, Jesse Sykes, J. Tillman (Father John Misty), and many others over his storied career as an in-demand session player and sideman.

Never one to play it safe, the new album from the essential Seattle chanteur contains head-turning radical re-workings of both "Jenny From the Block" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand," adding layers of intrigue to this already-rich tapestry.

Far from a side-note, A New Kind Of Man proves that Patton can more than hold his own and hang with the big dogs as a songwriter and studio-smith. It's the quiet ones, again and again.


LP Info: Limited edition opaque red vinyl with die-cut jacket and glossy inner-sleeve.

Sonny Til & The Orioles

Hey! Little Woman / Sugar Girl

Jazzman's Popcorn imprint unearth long established R&B essential floor-packer 'Hey! Little Woman' that has somehow not been reissued until now. From Sonny Til's long running Baltimore based vocal group The Orioles, this was cut in 1962 and carries that nascent early soul sound that still sounds so fresh all these years later. On the flip Sonny gets seductive on the doo-wop tinted smoocher 'Sugar Girl'.

Linda Willoby / Bobby Brookes

Big Boy You're Through / Little Girl (Is It True)

Linda Willoby's 'Big Boy You're Through' is a smooth and slinky minor key popcorn gem that oozes class. Down-tempo, sophisticated, jazzy and moody, this is the kind of sound which defines the popcorn genre. An obscure one for sure, and very scarce on its original release. The flipside, features 'Little Girl (Is It True)', a more upbeat mambo-tinted R&B mover from Bobby Brookes, and a cracker in its own right, making this another essential two-sider.

Compiled and annotated by Lois Wilson (Mojo, Record Collector), Get On The Right Track brings together 90 magnificent recordings, mostly R&B, but with a smattering of jazz and ska, which reflect what mods would have been enjoying on the early to mid sixties club scene.

When Jamaican born Duke Vin, a former DJ on Tom “The Great” Sebastian’s Beat Street System, set up his own system in 1955, he got the place jumping. The sound system was like nothing London had witnessed before. It was loud, exciting and had no curfew. Duke Vin inspired Count Suckle, another Ladbroke Grove resident, who set up a rival system and the pair soundtracked the first generation West Indians’ blues parties with a playlist of US R&B 45s. Club Eleven and the Flamingo attracted newly settled Jamaicans too. Out of these clubs and sound systems, mod grew.

These mods were defined by their impeccable music taste and their smart clobber. They would dance their nights away at the Scene, to records spun by Guy Stevens, the UK Sue label manager and one of mod’s main pivots. They also frequented the Marquee and Count Suckle’s Roaring Twenties. The first two discs on 'Get On The Right Track' collect together the R&B, blues, soul, jazz and ska singles you would have heard at such clubs. Disc 3, meanwhile, captures the sounds from the same period (many of which were unreleased in the UK at the time) that light up the mod scene today.

'Get On The Right Track' has been carefully compiled to avoid track overlap with Fantastic Voyage’s previous mod collection 'Boogie Chillen', and is also available as a 2LP vinyl collector’s edition, featuring 32 of the most sought-after tracks and a colour insert.


2xLP Info: 2LP vinyl collector’s edition featuring 32 of the most sought-after tracks from the 90-track 3CD set.

Various Artists

Schnitzelbeat Vol. 1 - I Love You, Baby!

    New Digatone compilation of twisted Austrian pop ('Austropop') from the 1950s & 60s. Features oddities from the fringes of Austrian pop, 'popcorn', rock'n'roll, exotica, beat , raw proto-punk & trash.

    500 only pressed.

    Comes with insert & extensive notes.

    'Soul City Los Angeles' presents recordings which served to establish the musical direction of LA and neighbouring West Coast conurbations in the late 1950s and early 1960s when R&B was evolving into the style that became known as soul. Compiled and annotated by soul music authority Clive Richardson, 'Soul City Los Angeles' is the latest in a series that has previously explored the nascent soul scenes in Detroit, New York and Chicago.

    This instalment presents a selection from key independent labels of the area, including Sam Cooke’s SAR and Richard Vaughn’s Arvee, as well as choice items from Aladdin, Liberty, Imperial and Ebb, and collectable releases from more obscure imprints. Famous names on CD1 of this 60-track 2CD set include the Olympics, the Valentinos (aka the Womack Brothers) with ‘Lookin’ For A Love’, the Rivingtons with ‘Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow’, and Johnnie Morisette with ‘Meet Me At The Twistin’ Place’, while CD2 features ‘Ko Ko Mo’ hitmakers Gene & Eunice, both sides of a 1962 single on Rush by Don & Dewey, early recordings by future stars Johnnie Taylor and Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, and a young Sly Stone as a member of the Viscaynes.

    Soul fans of the early 1960s could often figure out the geographic origins of new singles as much by the ‘sound’ as by any knowledge of sometimes obscure artists and labels, with the output of West Coast studios tending to have a ‘harder’ sound in comparison with some more sophisticated (for the era) productions from the opposite coast or the regions of the Great Lakes. Here we have music from the formative period of the soul era in Los Angeles.

    Also available as 2LP vinyl collectors edition, featuring 28 of the most sought-after tracks and colour insert.

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