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La La Land

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Secret City

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"La La Land" is the sophomore album from Montreal trio Plants and Animals. They first gained recognition in 2008 with their first full length, Parc Avenue, which Pitchfork describes a as a collection of “expansive, genre bending symphonies” that “crackles with warmth and intimacy,” and which many praised as one of the years most promising (if overlooked) debuts. "La La Land" represents a more cohesive and concise effort on the bands part, showcasing their unmatched ability to conjure all the sonic analog power and spirit of the best Neil Young and Jimi Hendrix recordings, while still sounding fresh, innovative and contemporary, alongside local peers like Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade.

Paste magazine points out that 'While the songs are shorter and punchier than the seven-minute marathons of Parc Avenue ... they’re complicated and gorgeous and feel as innate as desire itself'.

Canada’s national daily The Globe and Mail says the album is 'psychedelic, amplified and momentous … songs are multifaceted, with a sense of Radiohead importance, Arcade Fire intensity and très cool dirty-basement rock and roll ("American Idol" gets my vote as the missing link between Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street).'


01. Tom Cruz
02. Swinging Bells
03. American Idol
04. Undone Melody
05. Kon Tiki
06. Game Shows
07. The Mama Papa
08. Fake It
09. Celebration
10. Future From The 80s
11. Jeans Jeans Jeans

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