Gary Numan

Scarred - Live At Brixton Academy

Image of Gary Numan - Scarred - Live At Brixton AcademyImage of Gary Numan - Scarred - Live At Brixton Academy
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About this item

"Scarred" is a live album recorded during the 2002 performances at the legendary "Brixton Academy" in London. The selection of songs covers a large part of his career to date, so in addition to hits such as "Pure", "Cars", "Are 'Friends' Electric?", the two previously released studio albums "Exile" and "Pure" are extensively covered. On this album, you experience an impulsive, vocally confident Gary Numan, a band that plays together superbly and a euphoric audience that is under the spell of this exceptional musician. The sound aspect, which can become a disturbing factor in some live recordings, does not disappoint at all. Here you are right in the middle of the action.


Side A
1. Intro
2. Pure
3. Me, I Disconnect
4. The Angel Wars
5. My Jesus
6. Films

Side B:
1. Magic
2. Rip
3. Cars
4. Metal
5. Little Invitro
6. Down In The Park

Side C
1. This Wreckage
2. Dead Heaven
3. I Can’t Breathe
4. Are ‘Friends’ Electric

Side D
1. A Prayer For The Unborn
2. Listen To My Voice
3. Replicas
4. Observer
5. Dance
6. Tracks

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