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A new studio album by the German progressive / hard rock legends. In the 1970s, Birth Control were one of the most internationally successful German rock bands . Since their spectacular album debut in 1970 on the cult label Ohr, the band has released more than thirty long players, including timeless classics such as "Operation", "Hoodoo Man" (which includes the disco hit "Gamma Ray") and "Plastic People".

Their 21st regular album is the first since the death of the band mastermind, singer and drummer Bernd Noske. Birth Control has always had a completely unique sound, showing the creativity and range of the current line-up on this album and gets to the heart of their wealth of ideas in 54 minutes, bringing 8 new studio tracks to the turntable, including a reworking of the 1972 hit Gamma Ray. Furthermore, seven new songs from the compositional pen of their songwriter duo Kühn/Ettrich, a brilliant mix of progressive/hard rock, blues and funk.


1. Gamma Ray 2.0
2.The Last Word
3. Wrestling Mama
4. Open Sesame
5. I Don't Mind
6. Wannabe
7. Plans Get Lost
8. These Are The Days

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