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Topping off Hyperdub's 15th year, Burial selects 'tunes’ from the last eight years of his EP releases on the label, for this very welcome two CD collection.

Sequenced by Burial, ‘Tunes 2011-2019’ shows the depth and brilliance of his post-‘Untrue’ development; from long, twisting, collage works which travel through unexpected zones, to a more pointed, poppier side, and back again to the haunted, open horizons of his beatless pieces.

We hope this collection of Burial's work is familiar, yet unfamiliar, to each listener.

17 tracks across 150 minutes, all previously released, six being available on CD for the first time.


Barry says: Though his albums have possibly garnered the most adoration than anything else, Burial's post-LP outings have been an absolute rollercoaster of unbelievable groove and unrivalled ingenuity. For those of you that didn't snag the EP's, or if you're a CD buyer, 'Tunes' is absolutely essential.



01. State Forest
02. Beachfires
03. Subtemple
04. Young Death
05. Nightmarket
06. Hiders
07. Come Down To Us
08. Claustro
09. Rival Dealer


01. Kindred
02. Loner
03. Ashtray Wasp
04. Rough Sleeper
05. Truant
06. Street Halo
07. Stolen Dog
08. NYC

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