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Feelings / Sidiku Buari And His Jam Busters

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BBE Music presents two back-to-back, impossibly scarce and NYC Afrodisco by Sidiku Buari & His Jambusters, originally released on short-lived and highly collectible imprint ‘Precious Records’. Accra funk, village-party, anthem-packed LPs from the prolific output of Alaji Sidiku Buari, gold-winning sprint athlete, dancer, singer, arranger, composer, cinema and club founder, award-winning music video producer – and, latterly, president of Ghana’s Musicians’ Union as well as recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award of the Pan- African Society. Sharp Club 54 production values "Music", "Feelings", "Karambani" - combine with Accra village-style party vibes "Yayo Papa", "Minsumobo" and Buari’s socially conscious lyrics "Anokwar", "Power To My People" to produce more than two hours’ worth of music that will have you stuttering for superlatives.


1. Yayo Papa (Good Friend)
2. Music
3. Feelings
4. Anokwar (Truth)
5. Let's Go Funky Town
6. Karambani
7. Power To My People
8. Minsumobo
9. Sophisticated Jammer
10. Rhythm Of Africa
11. Let's Go Funky Town
12. Karambani
13. Power To My People
14. Minsumobo
15. Sophisticated Jammer
16. Rhythm Of Africa

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