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'Cala' was written and performed entirely by Fionn, once more returning to his home in Bray, on the outskirts of Dublin.The same site that framed his celebrated debut album, the natural, coastal setting plays a role in the construction of 'Cala'.He explains: “The album does have fundamentally elemental, visual components. I wouldn’t mind knowing why! It’s a mystery to me, how songs evolve. Thankfully, they do.” Featuring 10 tracks trimmed into a 35 minute package, 'Cala' is led by new song 'Collar Of Fur'. A narrative driven piece, the songwriter marvels at its “sparse cinematic moments, like a super-eight movie.”


Barry says: Beautiful, tender fingerpicked guitars and Regan's spellbinding voice make 'Cede' an essential addition to the arsenal of any folk fan, and moreso, because it leans towards the mellow country side of folk, anyone else would be hard pressed not to find the beauty within. A stunning LP, and one that will be on the player for some time to come.


1. Collar Of Fur
2. Head Swim
3. Riverside Heights
4. The Ocean Wave
5. Volca
6. Cala
7. Brass Locket
8. Hunting Dog
9. Glaciers
10. Under The Waves / Tokyo

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