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Cellar Doors

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Cellar Doors from San Francisco are leading exponents of the Third Wave of Psychedelia, and are blowing up fast on the West Coast. They have been coaxed out of their thriving undergound scene for support slots by invitation by the likes of Black Cycle Motorcycle Club, Roky Erickson, Allah-Las and more. Championed and now managed by Stephen Holt of the Inspiral Carpets, this is their highly anticipated debut album, dripping with pure power psych melody overlaid onto undulating post-punk walls of sound. Powerful, brooding and danceable at the same time, it is at once timeless and cutting edge.


Barry says: Swimming in a hazy pool of languid distortion, shimmering reverb and lengthy vocal trails, Cellar Doors are a brilliantly modern take on classic psychedelia. Reminiscent of the classics of the 70's but imbued with the spirit of 90's shoegaze and 00's indie, they have managed to perfectly capture the sound of a hazy summer. Beautifully evocative and perfectly written.

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