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Making Waves

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John Humphreys presents his 15-track suite of throbbing syntheisisers, percussive breakdowns and atmospheric, simmering pads. 

Cinematic epic, 'Wathching Memories' takes the central refrain, abstracts and adds to it to twist it into a slow ballad from a highly charged synth-pop number into ambient territory before breaking down into a driven house number. 

Likewise, 'Armands Clouds' relies on a throbbing central motif, with layered bass-heavy reverbed synth pulses and a kicking bass drum, this time opting for the instrumental appeal rather than the more song-based lyrical approach. 

In all, we have a confident and varied outing, beautifully constructed and warmingly diverse, all brought together with Humphries' deft hand. 


1. Intro
2. Watching Memories
3. Would I Lie To You (Progress Mix) 
4. State Of Taylor
5. Wishing On A Star
6. Armands Clouds
7. John Prayzz
8. Belinda
9. Finally
10. EDD
11. Joker
12. Nothing's Changed
13. SpreadoutandSkattah
14. Whole Again
15. Gwen

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