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Ady Suleiman announces his long-awaited debut, ‘Memories’. An album which has taken Suliman a long time to process and create dealing with issues close to him. It is a bold collection of uninhibited songs about mental health, relationships and family. With a rich era-spanning appreciation of music and an innate need to turn life experiences into narrative, Ady Suleiman has developed a timelessly classic yet fresh sound that blends R&B, Soul, Pop, Hip Hop and more. ‘Memories’ features the singles ‘Need Somebody To Love’, ‘Loving Arms’ and ‘Not Giving Up’.


Millie says: Refreshingly new, Ady Suleiman captures his thoughts and feelings in the album, Memories is an album which was very much needed this year.


I Remember
Need Somebody To Love
Longing For Your Love
Say So
Make Sense (Interlude)
So Lost
My Love (Interlude)
If I Die
Not Giving Up 
Loving Arms

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