Boz Hayward

Tennessee Ten

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German Shepherd Records

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Boz Hayward returns with a deeply personal album which combines his particular take on modern folk, and adds a a vibrant slice of country music, together with his trademark whimsical pop elements. "Tennessee Ten" is ten new songs written during and around two visits with his mother in 2014 and 2015 to care for his aunt in Eastern Tennessee whose health was failing, and, who passed away during the second visit. There is a narrative that runs through the album creating a delightful and sometimes poignant atmosphere.

Using his trusted band of musicians Hayward delivers 38 minutes of varied tunes with a combination of sardonic humour and wry observations about life in the latter half of the 2010s. There was a clear intent to write a few songs with a country feel, given the Tennessee location and this is the most of obvious in "Night of the Fireflies" "Trail of Tears" and "The People Are Good". But as with any release from Hayward the sounds vary between quirky alternative pop in the spirit of Ray Davies, Kevin Ayers or Robyn Hitchcock, Morricone soundtracks, Klezmer, a hint of lounge jazz, and gentle country/folk/blues


1.Totally Weird 02:24
2.Night Of The Fireflies 04:03
3. Patsy Lane 03:04
4. Trail Of Tears 03:02
5. In My Little Bubble 04:17
6. The Lexicon Of Life 05:14
7. The People Are Good 04:03
8. Now That You Are Free 04:38
9. You Ain't No Man 04:22
10. Byrdman And Birdo 02:44

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