A Hermitage

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Bella Union

About this item

South Korean trio Jambinai sound less like a band than a force of nature, fusing the full dramatic range of post rock dynamics to Korean folk roots to create an exhilarating, vivid and unique fusion.

‘A Hermitage’ is Jambinai’s first album for Bella Union, recorded in MOL Studio in the South Korean capital Seoul, where the trio also made their 2010 EP ‘Jambinai’ and 2012 album ‘Différance’.

In Korean, ‘Hermitage’ translates as ‘Eun-Seo’: “it means person, or creature, who is hiding like a hermit, or undiscovered,” explains the band’s Bomi Kim. “This connects to Jambinai because most people don't know us yet, or they cannot imagine how our type of music fits together.”


Barry says: Encompassing elements of traditional Korean folk music within the realm of noisy post-rock doesn't sound like an easy proposition, but here it is handled with restraint and grace. Both driving and meditative, 'A Hermitage' spans the full dynamic spectrum : trad 'loud-quiet-loud' instrumental formula interspersed with dynamic plinky-plonky zithered folk. Intense and exciting.

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