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Emilie & Ogden is Emilie Kahn along with her harp, Ogden. Emilie discovered the harp when The Barr Brothers harpist, Sarah Pagé, played along with her school choir, driving her to find an instructor on Craigslist the next day. Emilie explains, “I had never felt this way toward an instrument.” Lithium Magazine further adds how Emilie makes the harp “seem like an extension of herself rather than an instrument.”

Emilie wrote all the lyrics and music for 10 000, then teamed up with longtime accomplice and producer Jesse Mac Cormack and her drummer Francis Ledoux to finalize the songs’ construction. The music was recorded in Studio B-12 nestled in the woods of Valcourt in Quebec, CA. 10 000 includes two deconstructed and reconstructed tracks, Babel and Long Gone, from her previous EP, in addition to completely new compositions.


1. Blame
2. Ten Thousand
3. Closer
4. White Lies
5. Nothing New
6. Babel
7. Long Gone
8. Go Home
9. What Happened
10. Hold Me Down
11. Dream

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