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Following a flurry of critical acclaim for their debut single ‘Springful / Am Gone in January, Adult Jazz have announced their anticipated debut album Gist Is via their own label Spare Thought.

A single-note drone fills the air, joined by a lilting, pitch-shifted vocal. The mercurial melody falls between folk, plainsong, pop and jazz, the words trigger equally beguiling images and the voice has an uninhibited, freestyle timbre. At seven minutes and twenty nine seconds, ‘Hum’ is as audacious as it is a brilliant introduction to a record. Through nine tracks and 51 minutes, their debut album Gist Is, released on the band’s own label Spare Thought, is a voyage that’s startling, mesmerising and magical from start to finish.

Gist Is also evolved intuitively, taking four years to finish. Studies (and more recently, day jobs) had to be factored in, but the dominant factor was having the freedom, “to write and to realise a direction as we went along. There was no prescribed path for the album, so we could take an internalised approach.”

"Their signature sound comes in the form of frazzled melodies, punctuated by the most joyously uninhibited vocals. ‘Springful/Am Gone’ encompasses all we love about the whirling, anti-pop throws of Wild Beasts” NME

“Few debut tracks offer as many mindblowing oddities as Leeds band Adult Jazz’s first effort . . . it weaves and turns in mysterious ways, but always ends up at a gorgeous, inclusive endpoint” DIY

“Guitar jabs, indie pop melodies, experimental subtle electronics in the back, layered over with a sweet, indie rock vibe and fitting vocals, ‘Springful’ is absolutely gorgeous and unique” Disco Naïveté

“Adult Jazz have shown that they can create such intelligent, alternative-pop that it demands re-listen, upon re-listen, upon re-listen” The Line Of Best Fit

“Adult Jazz are making some pretty amazing music.” AltSounds

“A beguiling beauty . . . feels committed to its own sparseness, experimentally building each counterintuitively catchy groove from as few sonic elements as possible” THE FADER

“Quirky and disjointed, yet somehow gliding gracefully through the air . . . this is a hell of a song, understated and powerful” Stereogum

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