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The Diaphanoids come down heavy interiorly re-designed with an acid album full of 70s Kosmische flavours fuzzed-out guitars and motorik rhythms.

‘55th Dimension Nervous Meltdown’: Ultra sci-fi images on the VHS of your heart, braindrops falling from the head, a wall of noise, cosmic razorblade guitars, reverberated elevation, spherical soundwaves reversing, bodies mutate, thoughts escape then return, looking for visions in a supermarket fried chicken.

‘You Can’t Shine If You Don’t Burn’: Velvet drums, narcotic bass, guitar strings draw oblivion and bliss, any drug is candid, kiss the flame, silver missiles and nightingales, such a soulgasm.

‘How Can I Distinguish Sky From Earth If They Keep On Changing Their Place?’: Motorik, hallucinated guitars, acid ecstatic lava flow, roads widen, earth is soft, moon is inhuman, sun is balanced on a petal, colours change, the sky moved sideways.

‘Alltheconstellationsouttherearen’tworthapinpointofliquidlightinyoureyes’: A satellite of glittering oscillating keyboards, fluorescent dust, a crystal guitar, distant spiky lights, suspended on nothing, the milky way turns sour, shooting stars like vultures.

‘LSME’: The universe in and out of our bodies, still in the thin air, a swarm of synthesizers, oblique guitars, relentless pumping beat and abrasive bass, howling imploding abstractions.

‘The Blackest Sun’: Spatial cramps, fuzzed-out hiss, stuttering rhythms, astral bass, sidereal clangour, so far so high surfing on NEU jagged waves, to beam or not to beam, a space odd.

‘Our Own Private Elsewhere’: Reality is for those who can’t handle drugs, translucent guitars, phosphorescent bass, take a trip on Autobahn sick sick sick, carving miracles, this universe doesn’t really exist, come away with me.

‘These Nights Wear Three Heads, Five Arms And Ten Legs’: A sonic harassment, drums are random, bass is laconic and sinister, slashing duelling guitars, a vertigo with teeth, get a brainticket to Mind Central then queue up for the end of the world.


1. 55th Dimension Nervous Meltdown
2. You Can't Shine If You Don’t Burn
3. How Can I Distinguish Sky From Earth If They Keep On Changing Their Place
4. Alltheconstellationsouttherearen'tworthapinpointofliquidlightinyoureyes
6. The Blackest Sun
7. Our Own Private Elsewhere
8. These Nights Wear Three Heads Five Arms And Ten Legs

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