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Burnt Ones have been Castle Face favorites for years, and last year’s You’ll Never Walk Alone on Burger was the one for which they kicked themelves repeatedly for not getting to first.

The label is very honored to present their third record, Gift. Far more psychedelic than their previous work, the album may be a bit of a surprise to fans on first listen. A potent blend of wide-eyed strummers on shifting sands is punctuated by blinking oscillators, left turns into wispy sound collage and tape manipulations, drug-rug-wrapped lushness and telephone whispers from a supremely stoned sounding Mark Tester, the guide through this cultish and vaguely sinister headphone-scape. It’s a woozy and a woolly one.


1. Pulse
2. Money Man
3. Submarine
4. Bye Bye Floating Charm
5. Spell Breakers
6. Is It Over
7. Airplane Ride
8. Caterpillar
9. New Heroes Of Subscription Services
10. Mirror Too / You & Me
11. Sleeping Inn
12. Pineapple Program No. 31
13. US Wheels
14. Morning Drum

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