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The Headland soundtrack is a collection of 14 musical pieces composed and performed to accompany a collage of super8 footage shot around Lennox Head, New South Wales in the 1970s. The film gives us an on-the-rocks view of a particular way of surfing and some glimpses of a culture specific to that time and place. Not simply nostalgic, the music is sympathetic to the values and lived memories of small town surf-culture. Rather than describe, the compositions and performances reflect on anecdotal experiences and memories.

The recordings act as documents to those reflections. It’s a mixture of hi and lo-fi recording sessions held variously at Skritch’s Borough (Brisbane), Nashuaville (Nashua) and at Uralba (near Ballina) with Steve Law. There are a range of musical touchstones evident including Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, early JJ Cale, Meddle era Floyd and American Stars and Bars.


Darryl says: Created by a loose collective of musicians to soundtrack Super8 surf footage from the 70s; 'Sound/track' brings us delicious sun-dappled dreaminess that floats along with hints of Acetone, 'Meddle'-era Pink Floyd, and the hushed mellow delicacy of Bon Iver's 'For Emma, Forever Ago'. A late night beard stroking gem!


01. Pulled At 4 Pins
02. Scrimshaw
03. The Hum Song
04. Evermast
05. Neska Polita
06. Halftide
07. Sevenmile
08. Head High
09. Seethrough
10. If You Want Me
11. Turtle Heads
12. Swallowtail
13. The Weight Of Water
14. Clear Black Morning

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