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Rock ‘n’ roll-infused spirituals and dangerous blues. From London.

London trio Miraculous Mule deliver a slick and seemingly effortless rock ‘n’ roll, but it’s knife-edge stuff. The slick and effortless part comes from the fact that these boys have been cutting their teeth and earning their stripes over the years with a devout immersion in Gothic American roots music, before that particular bandwagon arrived in town again, and again after it left.

Brothers Michael and Pat were born into a rock ‘n’ roll home, with Elvis and Tammy as surrogate parents. Michael J Sheehy has fronted Dream City Film Club, Michael J Sheehy And The Hired Mourners and Saint Silas Intercession, with his brother Pat at his side for the most part. Witnesses to these outings of theirs will know that the soul and the confrontation they sweated was, and is, real.

The edge that they skirt likely comes in part from their school of hard knocks upbringing, with all three from the same central London estate, all three lifelong companions. Michael is a welltraversed talent but he can’t remember much of it, even if his well-earned following can. His recent moment of salvation came when he was rescued from his burning flat, asleep and alone, a midnight fry-up gone wrong. Having spent years in a boozy London wilderness, there is now a cool and steady focus here which brings their nihilistic history in line with a resolute future.

Live and on record, Miraculous Mule do indeed kick like their namesake. Music for dancing, praying, loving and fighting.


Run On
Dangerous Blues
Evil On My Mind
I Just Can’t Keep From Crying
Early In The Mornin’
Bal' Headed Woman
Country Circuit Preacher
I’m A Soldier
Prettiest Train

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