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Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere

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‘Terry Malts use a time honoured pop formula, but rarely has a new band crammed such sheer excitement’ Louder Than War

Follow up to 2012 debut Killing Time, Nobody Realizes This is Nowhere a punchy record packed with buzzsaw guitars and surprisingly catchy melodies. Recorded by the band and mixed with long-time associated Monte Vallier (Weekend, Wax Idols, Soft Moon).

Reminiscent of forbears such as The Undertones, Buzzcocks and Descendants, packed with upbeat tunes but don’t let that fool you; the lyrics from bassist/vocalist Phil Benson are smart but very, very dark. Guitarist Corey Cunningham just plain shreds, piling on layered attacks of buzz, howl and scree. Holding down the bottom is the rock steady drumming of Nathan Sweatt.

From ripping opener to ‘Two Faces’ through alienated first single ‘I Was Not There’ right down to closer ‘So Serious’, Nobody Realizes This is Nowhere is a bold step for Terry Malts and one of the great punk records of 2013.


1. Two Faces
2. Human Race
3. Life’s Not A Dream
4. I Was Not There
5. They’re Feeding
6. Buy Buy Baby
7. No Tomorrow
8. Walking With You
9. Well Adjusted
10. Comfortably Dumb
11. So Serious

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