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Rhythm Of Life

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Paul Haig's last album, 2009's Relive, was described as a bone-rattling thrill that could energise the darkened corners of any dancefloor. After releasing three albums in quick succession Haig decided to devote a longer period to consider his next musical move, It was time to re-invent and investigate the latest sounds and technologies available with a view to incorporate some of them into a new project. Four years on and we have 'Kube', carrying pagan ,synthetic, human and organic themes which somehow co-habitate in an imaginary secluded forrest where top secret work is carried out. The sounds are fresh and modern with a mixture of electronic glitch and organic textures sourced over a two year period as Paul was re-thinking and re-learning his craft.

Standout tracks are 'UW2B', a bold mixture of trap brass/strings with slightly menacing vocals over punchy hiphop/urban beats/samples while retaining tradmark soundtrack elements heard in previous works. 'Red Rocks' has an indie jazz pop edge and rising anthemic chorus' which point to club and radio alike, while 'Four Dark Traps' is a brooding slow burner featuring hard yet hypnotic percussion with eastern sounding guitar floating above the mix.

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