Julia Holter

Loud City Song

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The third studio album from singular artist Julia Holter.

New album of avant-pop experimentation from the LA based singer / composer that blends influence ranging from Joni Mitchell to Arthur Russell and the poetry of Frank O’Hara into a daringly unique work as conceptually strong as it is immediately affecting.

‘Loud City Song’ follows, and progresses brilliantly from ‘Ekstasis’, one of last year’s most critically lauded records.


Andy says: Julia Holter's Domino Records debut fittingly feels like the start of something new, honing as it does, everything that's special about her. Dark and dreamy.


Maxim’s I
Horns Surrounding Me
In The Green Wild
Hello Stranger
Maxim’s II
He’s Running Through My Eyes
This Is A True Heart
City Appearing

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