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Bitchin Bajas are back. Their new album, ‘Bitchitronics’, is ready with the quickness expected from the Chi-based duo. They make slow music at a fast pace.

Since their first appearance way back in 2010, Bitchin Bajas’ approach has been simple - unfold tones via synth and keyboard, allowing micro-frequencies to press against each other in a way that pleases the ear, the mind and the soul. That’s part of the fun of being Bitchin Bajas, getting into and off on the circuits and signal paths and waveforms. From record to record (three albums, two split singles, a cassette, and a 12” EP), their process is redefined by confronting the technologies of formative and outmoded machines, which slides the Bajas’ sound into different quadrants of the ambient / post-organic / electronic / drone universe each time around.

Recording was mostly done in, all over and around a house in Fennville, Michigan, with three tape machines reeling in the sounds - so sometimes, in addition to sounds that have never been seen, you’re also hearing the sound of the light of day, or evening stars, on tape.

In keeping with the concept of catching air with tape, ‘Bitchitronics’ is the first Bitchin Bajas record made as a trio, blending the blowing of flute into the mix of electric keys and posthuman tones and loops of tape atop other loops of tape, with the final result coming to us with all the ebbing and flowing of a breeze.

Let the power of ‘Bitchitronics’ fall over you. Another green world of music made Baja-fresh by the wandering ears and care-filled creations and re-creations of Bitchin Bajas.

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