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Dancing is songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer Nancy Elizabeth’s third album, and her first new material since 2009.

Nancy wrote and recorded almost everything herself over the course of two and half years in her tiny home studio in Manchester. For the first time Nancy used a computer as a compositional tool alongside her idiosyncratic palette of instruments, including a battered piano, guitar, and her own multi-layered vocals. The end result is more ambitious, more focused and more uplifting than anything she’s done before.

While the adventurous sounds she used create a mesmeric physical effect, the emotional purity of the lyrics is just as powerful . First single ‘The Last Battle’ opens the album, a magnificent introduction to its trove of pure musical delights. A soaring, celestial-soprano array, the song recalls Ennio Morricone and Arthur Lee, building to an irresistible climax.

Featuring artwork created by Nancy herself, the album will be available on CD in a gatefold card wallet, and on limited edition vinyl LP (including a CD of the album).


1. The Last Battle
2. Heart
3. Indelible Day
4. Mexico
5. Simon Says Dance
6. Death In A Sunny Room
7. Debt
8. Shimmering Song
9. All Mouth
10. Raven City
11. Desire
12. Early Sleep

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