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Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work

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Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work is is Ben Lee’s most ambitious work to date - meditative, atmospheric, often joyous and occasionally dark. The 10-track album is an exhilarating listen, on that Ben has described as a “sonic document” of his experiences with the medicinal plant Ayahuasca. A jungle vine found in South America, Ayahuasca is known as the “death vine,” or “vine of souls” and has been used as a healing medicine by shamans for thousands of years. In spiritual practice, the plant is brewed into a tea, which is consumed ceremoniously as a ritual. What ensues is a journey into the depth of the mind, illuminating the soul’s contents and often facilitating a soaring journey of the spirit. The album’s subtitle “Welcome To The Work” refers to the process of discovering what is inside, and the active transformation of turning darkness into light. From the album liner notes, Ben Lee states “The Work, as the experience of taking part in an ayahuasca ceremony is often called, asks us to examine our integrity with great detail. To become aware of our flaws and fantasies. To strive to become a healthier, more integrated human being. I have approached ayahuasca not as a drug experience, but as a sacred, spiritual experience used to uncover untouched depths of my own consciousness.”


1. Invocation
2. Welcome To The House Of Mystical Death
3. Meditation On Being Born
4. In The Silence
5. The Shadow Of The Mind
6. The Will To Grow
7. On My Knees
8. I Am That I Am
9. Song For Samael
10. Thank You

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