The Bell Peppers

Saved By The Bell Peppers

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Captured Cats

About this item

The Bell Peppers are a UK Surf n' Roll 2 piece who have toured with Allah Las, Hooded Fang and Y Niwl. This Cassette release, the first for Manchester label, Captured Cats, features the 4 songs that make up the latest EP, Saved by the Bell Peppers and the 4 that made up the first EP, Cooking with Bell Peppers.

These recordings were made at home, using a four track, looping samples of themselves performing the percussion, and then layering lush melodic surf guitar and peppered vocal interjections on top of it. the results are sweet, raw and satisfying, each song exploring a different microgenre of the 50's and early 60s. From Haunted Diner Do-Wop to Hoedown Rockabilly and Scuzzy RnB.


Track 1A : Drapes N' Squares
Track 2A : The Hoofstomp
Track 3A : Moonlight Heartache
Track 4A: Golf Shack

Track 1B : Rubber Bullets
Track 2B : Monquito's Diner
Track 3B : Bell Pepper Hop
Track 4B : Cry Baby

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