Julia Kent


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Record Label
The Leaf Label

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Character should appeal to fans of artists like Nils Frahm, Low, The Dirty Three, Hildur Gudnadóttir, Colleen, Hauschka, Rachel’s, Olafur Arnalds…

Character is New York-based cellist and arranger Julia Kent’s third solo album, and first for The Leaf Label

Her richly layered cello and environmental recordings coalesce into a gorgeous, cinematic whole – an instrumental oasis in a cluttered musical world. Accurately described as “elegant and intense” and “deeply personal”, her work possesses an emotional resonance that sets it apart.

Vancouver-born Kent first rose to prominence in the mid ‘90s in the original line-up of all cello trio Rasputina. Since then she has worked with numerous groups and musicians, both as a cellist and arranger.

Her previous solo albums, Delay (2007) and Green and Grey (2011) were released by Important Records in North America. Her music has been heard in film soundtracks and as accompaniment to theatre and dance performances around the world.

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