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The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads - Bonus Tracks Edition

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'Get Well Soon are one of Germany’s most prolific bands of the decade and certainly the most extravagant!

We would even go further and claim, that Konstantin Gropper is the Caspar David Friedrich of his generation; strictly musically speaking, of course. In case you don’t know, Friedrich was the most important romantic painter of the 19th century. Similarly, Konstantin’s musical vehicle, Get Well Soon is best known for its hugely romantic, allegorical songs, full of drama, morning mist and night skies. No gothic ruins though.

Their new album ‘The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads’ is one of the most sophisticated pop albums of the year. The album features 13 new, wildly imaginative and of course opulently arranged songs. It is, in certain moments, a colourful and beautiful nod to the genre we know as ‘Cinema Italiano’ (think Nino Rota or Argento), though these masters of the strange, wild and adventurous are just one of the 3,227 inspirations that went into the making of this new ornate Get Well Soon masterpiece.'


1. Prologue
2. Let Me Check My Mayan Calendar
3. The Last Days Of Rome
4. The Kids Today
5. Roland, I Feel You
6. Disney
7. A Gallows
8. Oh My! Good Heart
9. Just Like Henry Darger
10. Dear Wendy
11. Courage, Tiger
12. The World’s Worst Shrink
13. You Cannot Cast Out The Demons, You Might As Well Dance

CD Disc 2: ITZTLACOLIUHQUI (Comes As Downloads With The Vinyl)
Lesson 1: You Are Welcome!
Lesson 2: Soon!
Lesson 3: Take Shelter!
Lesson 4: Absolution And Eternal Refuge
Lesson 5: Break The Cycle! Break Your Chains!

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