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NIGHT SCHOOL are proud to present the debut full-length album by Glasgow Divorce. “Divorce” is the culmination of four years of uncompromising noise-rock brutality. Having set their own standard with a brace of 7”s, EPs and split singles, released on a plethora of renowned labels like Optimo Music, Merok, Milk, Winning Sperm Party, Night School and Gravy - as well as extensively touring the UK and Europe - Divorce have channeled themselves anew into a miasma of hate and power that is their debut album. Since their formation in 2008 they have progressed from no wave dirge practitioners to an unique cult that blurs the boundaries of what 'punk', 'noise-rock' or 'metal' are presumed to sound like. Remaining slippery in definition but relentlessly focused, Divorce have evolved into a singular, incomparable unit.

Recorded by Ali Walker at Glasgow's Arc Studio & Devil's Own Studio, “Divorce” finds the band pushing their furious sound further than ever before; a torrent of pummeling rhythms and serrated, overdriven riffs, extended freak outs and ecstatic push and pull dynamics. They have also explored their experimental tendencies more, incorporating power-electronics, white noise and, on the track “Stabby (Stabby) Stab”, free-jazz saxophone (courtesy of guest musician James Swinburne). All this, combined with an over-arching determination to take their music to new limits structurally and sonically, makes “Divorce” a unified audio experience. Divorce are Jennie Fulk (vocals), Vickie McDonald (guitars), VSO (bass) and Andy Brown (drums).

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