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Despite having been responsible for some of Belle and Sebastian's best-known songs (Jonathan David, Chickfactor, Seymour Stein and I'm Not Living In the Real World), it has taken Stevie Jackson sixteen years as a member of the band before releasing his first collection of solo recordings.

'(I Can't Get No) Stevie Jackson' was recorded over the last three years in Glasgow and Vancouver and features twelve songs. The Glasgow sessions, which were recorded at the band's own studio feature a range of his friends and musical collaborators including members of Belle and Sebastian, The Pastels, Trembling Bells and the songwriting triumvirate, The Company (Jackson, Roy Moller and Gary Thom). The Vancouver tracks were recorded with the New Pornographers' rhythm section of Kurt Dahle and John Collins. Jackson has toured in the UK and Europe with a band supplemented by Bob Kildea (Belle and Sebastian), Marco Rea and Stuart Kidd (The Wellgreen) and as a solo performer in the USA and Canada with more shows planned for later in 2012.

Press on (I Can't Get No) Stevie Jackson:
"The best solo album by a guitarist since Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" - The Herald
"an LP with a long gestation period but a short attention span that revels in 1960s pop music and is as fun as it is jangling." - No Ripchord
"beautifully realised melodic pop songs" - The Scotsman

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