Ty Segall & White Fence


Image of Ty Segall & White Fence - Hair
Record Label
Drag City

About this item

Known for rock & roll both savage and incisive and pastorally acid-winged, Ty Segall and White Fence have collaborated on a set of songs that accelerate wildly from where we last found them. ‘Hair’ squares their guitar-fringed traffic with purple flashes, escalating every song before multiple explosions rock the frame during their penultimate joust.

Providing the ‘Hair’-dressing for your psychic salad are Ty Segall and White Fence’s Tim Presley, with Sean Presley and Mikal Cronin along for the ride.

The album unrolls from within, plunging from rock trips to acoustic strollers to poppy reveries to freak-downs at side’s end.

‘Hair’ gets tangled deep in clouds of guitars and drums and counter-riffs and percussion and noise, then pressed flat and combed back with vocal harmonies and compression.

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