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Electricity In Our Homes consist of Paul Linger (drums), Charles Boyer (guitar / vocals) and Bonnie Carr (bass / vocals). ‘Dear Shareholder’ is their first album since forming in 2007, which if nothing else shows how the trio have been moulding careerist convention to suit their own means in the shadows of this hyperfrantic get-rich-quick-or-split-up-trying music industry. The casual pace has been working in their favour, too: 2011 found the trio starring on the main stage at the 1234 Festival with the likes of Black Lips and The Raveonettes, and their European excursions mean they are now as likely to play in Leipzig as they are Liverpool. Nor have they been slacking on the recording front: championed by alternative icons as varied as Tim Burgess and Colin Newman of Wire EIOH have worked stealthily on the East London underground and released six singles on a selection of esteemed indie labels including Too Pure and 4AD.

Of those previous products last year’s ‘Appletree’ single and their most recent double AA-side 'Aching, Breaking’ / ‘Drumming Around The Room (Parts 1 & 2)’ – released on the Tim Burgess-owned O Genesis label in the summer – make the cut on ‘Dear Shareholder’, with another seven prime examples of pop-defying melodic bendiness bringing up the gently riotous rear. With a clattering rhythmic undercurrent, some seriously scratchy guitars and Bonnie Carr’s gently growling bass often to the fore, ‘Dear Shareholder’ melts the mind by putting the disco into discordant. ‘Fast As Lightning’ evokes the intense knockabout spirit of Postcard, the hypnotic ‘Oranges’ is borne of the Stereolab lab, ‘Buddy Lemonade’ guzzles from the C86 siphon and pretty much everything else sounds like there’s a rum-swiggingly room-spinningly ramshackle Peel Session party going on in their head and everyone’s invited.


1.Drumming Around The Room (Part One)
3.Fast As Lightning
5.Buddy Lemonade
6.We Are All Trooping Off In A Big Old Gang
7.Nothing If Not Lovely
8.South Of France
9.Aching, Breaking
10.Drumming Around The Room (Part Two)
11.Play It Over

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