Terry Riley

In C

Image of Terry Riley - In C
Record Label
Cherry Red / Esoteric

About this item

A new remastered edition of the wonderful ambient and experimental work by composer Terry Riley, 'In C'. One of the great modern musical works, Riley composed this influential piece in 1964, performing it for the first time in San Francisco later that year with an ensemble that included fellow innovator Steve Reich within its ranks.

'In C' was first released on record in 1968, the result of a recording session with musicians from the Centre of Creative and Performing Arts at Buffalo University, New York. Upon its release, the album caused a sensation in the world of modern music and is now regarded as a major triumph of 20th Century composition.

The work inspired composers such as Philip Glass and influenced rock musicians such as Pete Townshend of The Who and Pink Floyd.

This Esoteric Recordings reissue is remastered, fully restores all original album artwork and features a new essay.

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