Bobbie Peru / Kimono Draggin

Split 7"

Image of Bobbie Peru / Kimono Draggin - Split 7
Record Label
Spaynsive Productions

About this item

"What you’ve got here are some beautifully messed-up tunes. The A-side of the vinyl delivers the UK/USA guitar rock of Bobbie Peru. The tune “Mongering The Masses” is a less-than-subtle poke in the eyeball to the manipulative pharmaceutical companies (complete with a laundry list of your favorite orange-vial treats). Kind of Fall-y and Gang of Four-ish at the same time. Nice and driving.

The B-side comes with Connecticut’s own Kimono Draggin’ tweaking their way through “Cold Black Sea with Sunflower Oil,” a loving ditty that ambles and quirks along, warbling and hocking a thick, fun, melodic loogie at the oil industry. Kimono Draggin’, a bastard Mothers/indie rock grand-offspring, slips from one musical style to another without effort or care. And it all flows together effortlessly (with a snippet of falsetto gorgeousness from the “Sesame Street” theme song). Impressive. For serious."


Laura says: A great little split this. Rumbling post punk from Manchester's very own Bobbie Peru, and tribal beats meet indie rock courtesy of Kimono Draggin. Love 'em both!


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