Glowing Mouth

Image of Milagres - Glowing Mouth

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‘Glowing Mouth’ is the breathtaking debut album from Brooklyn five piece Milagres (Portuguese for ‘miracles’ pronounced mil-ahh-gris).

From the opening bars of ‘Halfway’ this is an album of languorous splendour and easy grace, the ambitious musical scope matched by main man Kyle Wilson’s swooping, soaring vocals.

Milagres deliver recurring images of empty beaches, shafts of light, isolated mountain ranges and memories of childhood.

With Kyle Wilson’s vocals sitting comfortably in the lineage of great rock falsettos, from Prince to Wild Beasts, ‘Glowing Mouth’ is a record remarkable for its confidence and poise, dynamics and drama.


Darryl says: A fabulous debut album from this Brooklyn five piece. Delicate and intricate with an effortless swooning grace, this is intelligent and thoughtful music that belies the bands tender years.

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