Morton Sorensen

The Burn Down EP

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Morton Sorenson returns to the Tirk fold with a stunning little 12" titled ‘The Burn Down EP’, and burn it down he does. Morten is in his early 20s and hails from a small fishing village in rural Norway. His dad encouraged a love of American house and disco in the impressionable Morton, and the rest of his sonic palette comes from his earthy Norwegian surroundings.

'Burn Down (Original)' is an exercise in uplifting, stripped back house music. Less is more here, the vibe stays rich and never loosens its grip. The rhythms skip on top of the beat and the vocal interludes make for a real vivid experience. The LPZ remix sits back a bit, the rhythms are solidly swung and the vocal appears more affluently in the mix. It's smooth and cool, and definitely fresh. With 'Owe That 2 U' sustained strings and a slo-mo shuffle build, then peel back to a hollowed out organ breakdown. A hauntingly affected vocal and clever edits ensue before dropping back into the beat, articulated now by the clack of a tough staccato synth.

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