Panda Bear

Surfer's Hymn - Actress Remix

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Following the 7” release of Panda Bear’s final single in the series that lead up to the release of his new album "Tomboy", Kompakt now present the Actress remix from the 45's flipside the way it was intended - as a 12 minute epic for the dancefloor.

If you found Actress's "Splazsh" album a little too opaque, or perhaps a bit dense and mind-consuming in its leftfield electronica production, then you having nothing to fear from this rework as, for this remix, Cunningham ties his obvious talent to an accessible 4/4 house framework. Similar to the work on recent albums by Four Tet or Caribou, this rework of "Surfer's Hymn" features percussive, poly-rhythms opening out into a dry, post-dubstep / house riddim, plus the organ drones and sun-dappled chillwave shards of sound from Panda Bear's original. A house-meets-electronica essential!

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