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Galeria De La Luz

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Recorded over three years, across three continents and featuring a cast of over 80 musicians, ‘Galeria De La Luz’ is a slow burning classic in the making, to be filed alongside Jim O’Rourke, Grizzly Bear, Low and Sonic Youth’s more pastoral moments.

Centred around Matthew Nicholson, this debut release as Outshine Family follows well received output as Function which garnered high praise from The Wire, Pitchfork, and Dusted.

In recent years Nicholson has shared stages with Low, Fennesz, Animal Collective and Espers, gaining fans internationally with his quietly powerful arrangements and knack for devastating melodies.


1. Get Laid Like An Egg
2. The Dream, The Lie
3. Alone With Your Tattoos
4. Stars Wept Upon Us
5. Always I Marvel At You
6. Flying Ear
7. Galeria De La Luz
8. Seven Tongues Tasting The Night
9. A Carol For The Speechless And The Heartbroken
10. Silly Bird
11. Natural Diamonds
12. May Death Less Darkly Find Its Way
13. Spectrum Ablaze

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