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Double Visions

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Upset The Rhythm

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This is the debut from Bristol quartet, Munch Munch.
For Fans Of: Sparks, Man Man, Deerhoof.
Munch Munch have toured with the likes of Why?, No Age, Dirty Projectors.

Previously known for their explosive and unpredictable live shows, this LP presents a more focused and ambitious side of the band, without losing any of the visceral energy. After a string of split 7 inch and EP releases, 2009 saw them concentrate on new recordings. In order to curb their previous indulgences, the band set themselves various rules including that of not using any guitars, and only using live percussion. The songs were initially sketched out on Piano, then fully realised using Farfisa and Hammond Organs, Vibraphone, Marimba and an Analogue Synth. Recording took place in various studios, cellars, practice spaces and houses over the course of 6 months.

Taking in influences as varied as Sparks, Bacharach, ABBA, Philip Glass and 80s R & B, a concerted effort has been made to engage with the structures of traditional 'pop' song craft, while always being ready to tear up the rule book at any opportunity.


1. It's Nothing
2. Cyclorama
3. Night Corner
4. Bold Man Of The Sea
5. Autumn Mask
6. Car Wash (In The Street)
7. Wedding
8. Prank Call
9. Wolfman's Wife
10. River Gleams

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