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First release on Jagjaguwar from Wolf People – an alchemist’s compendium of English classic rock that has been doused in wine, its pages left red-stained, blurred and melded in the most interesting ways.

Tidings collects the band’s UK-only, out of print 7”, reconstructing the psych-rock gems with a seamless nest of field recordings and winding tape.

These recordings form the prehistory of a band that have recently garnered a reputation for blistering live performances around the UK: Wolf People have supported Dinosaur Jr, Tinariwen, Witchcraft, Sleepy Sun, Malcolm Mooney and Voice Of The Seven Woods amongst others.

“The new kings of English Psyche-Folk” - Classic Rock.


1. Season Pt. 1
2. Black Water
3. Interlude: Plains/Banjoe
4. Cotton Strands
5. Interlude: Circle/Viking/Colours
6. Storm Cloud
7. Interlude: Grandfather
8. Interlude: Scraps
9. October Fires
10. Interlude: Mercy Fragment
11. April
12. Untitled
13. Interlude: Cotton Fragment
14. Empty Heart
15. Season Pt. 2

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