Heavy Trash

Midnight Soul Serenade

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Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray continue to ransack 50s, 60s, and 70s, punk, blues and rock'n'roll on this their third album, "Midnight Soul Serenade", which is already being cited as Jon Spencer's best work since "Orange". With Heavy Trash, the full throttle rollercoaster ride of Spencer\'s Blues Explosion, has slowed a little, but there\'s still plenty of the swagger and charm that hooked us all in from the start. The album sees Spencer croon and holler his way through a collection of blues, rockabilly and punk-rock\'n\'roll, with Verta-Ray\'s guitar licks, organ and rattling snare providing the backdrop. There\'s even a spoken word track too: Although it doesn\'t quite fit with the rest of the album somehow, the dark, surreal "The Pill" is Spencer at his storytelling best and one of my favourite tracks on the album. The Blues man is still No 1!!!

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