Work It Out / Ayn Rand Says

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Businessman Records

About this item

Never actually formed in the traditional sense, but together since 2005 Gindrinker are a Cardiff based band featuring Mr D.C. Gates on improvised cornet, bass and vocals and Mr G. McGraf on guitar, drum machine and sampler wrangling. It's fair to say that the individuals of the band have been doing what they were doing separately and would have continued to do so (playwriting and industrial noise respectively) had fate not played its hand. Sounding like an argument between a Bennet monologue and a loading spectrum and influenced by The Cramps, Suicide, The Fall and Datblygu, Gindrinker have been terrifying, delighting and repulsing audiences ever since. Some will just never understand the inherent drama of the collapse of the Weimar republic re-imagined as a Hovis commercial, but there's definitely something of the everyday along with some opulent wickedness at play here. Depending on who else is on the bill, Gindrinker are either a pop band or an avant-garde act, but definitely an occasion. Having already supported: Victorian English Gentlemens Club, Super Furry Animals, Whitehouse, Los Campesinos! Thomas Truax, Future of the Left and the Fall, we foresee many good things from this delineate duo. Businessman Records is proud to present some of the noisiest vinyl we've ever heard! Often billed as Cardiff's answer to The Fall, Gindrinker have never asked a question that demanded such a riposte.

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