J. Tillman

Year In The Kingdom

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Bella Union

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"Year In The Kingdom" unravels some kind of galactic wilderness. J. Tillman's sixth album lyrically borders on the mystic; proffering a transcendent union, an effortlessness. Strange and honest, this song cycle inhabits it's own idea-scape; one seemingly obsessed with wrestling death. These are afterlife dialogues of a mysterious future. Celestial badlands. Unknown to just about everyone, Tillman started recording in April, tracking most of the instruments during the two week session himself. Hammered dulcimer, banjo, recorder, cymbals of varying size and wheezing air organs all feature heavily and lend "Year In The Kingdom" it's bizarre scale, conjuring tidal shifts with tiny movements. The string arrangements, performed by Jenna Conrad, as well as transposed from Tillman's sung direction, were intended to rest on chords almost counter-intuitively, bringing to bloom complex, de-contextualized tones. Most noticeable upon first listen, however, is the production itself. While most of Tillman's records evidence some shambolic home recording, it is undisturbed throughout. Out up front of the mix, and dry as a bone, Tillman's voice is featured in a way unlike any of his previous records.

1. Year In The Kingdom
2. Crosswinds
3. Earthly Bodies
4. Howling Light
5. Though I Have Wronged You
6. Age Of Man
7. There Is No Good In Me
8. Marked In The Valley
9. Light Of The Living

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