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After the critically acclaimed release of Pumajaw's "Curiosity Box" comes a retrospective of the first four albums by Pinkie Maclure and John Wills (Pumajaw). These 14 gems that make up "Favourites" have been hand-picked by Pumajaw, highlighting their incredibly productive and creative collaboration for the past 10 years, from the self produced albums. "From Memorial Crossing" (2000) was recorded in an abandoned school in Tottenham, London and features versions of songs by Tom Waits, Artie Shaw and David Lynch. "This Day and Age" (2002) uses samples from 1920s cabaret records, field recordings from the Outer Hebrides and John's hypnotic rhythms as a foil for Pinkie's most expressive vocal explorations. "Cat's Cradle" (2004) is a blend of folk melodies and soulful electronica, featuring concertina and psychedelic guitar. "Becoming Pumajaw" (2006) throws some French chanson into the mix (Jacques Brel's La Chanson des Vieux Amants), along with an untraditional versions of traditional folk songs, psychedelic guitar wig-outs, concertina and darkly humorous laments Pumajaw are a duo that weave, multi-octave voice with looped guitar, mandolin, samples, concertina and hypnotic rhythms, they have their own seductive sound that defies categorization and stretches from psychedelic pop through sultry folk songs to eerie, cacophonous, trance-inducing laments.

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