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Remastered from the original analogue sources, the first two releases, "Heaven's End" and "Fade Out" are released as double discs and housed in a mini vinyl style card sleeve, reproducing the original artwork. Both are released with re-mastered extra material from the relevant chronological time frame as the main album: The album in its entirety on CD 1, with the bonus tracks (including relevant Peel session material from the time) on CD 2, the bonus material will be available on CD formats only. Remastered by Robert Hampson at Sound Masters with Kevin Metlcalfe, "Heaven's End" originally came out on the Head label in 1987, they recorded their first Peel session that year (on the bonus disc) and the album draws heavily from the likes of the Velvets, Stooges, and the MC5. So, for the reissue, a two CD set will be issued with "Heaven's End" on CD 1, CD 2 will feature the only true outtake from the H E sessions, "Rocket USA". Also found from the archive are two different mixes of "Soundhead" and "Head On" which have never been released in any form before, two for the collectors there and rounded up with the first John Peel Session - "Soundhead", "Straight To Your Heart" and "Rocket USA".


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