Offend Maggie

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ATP Recordings

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Deerhoof follow up the hugely acclaimed "Friend Opportunity" album with their strongest album to date. "Offend Maggie" is loose, funky and deliciously rough around the edges. Indeed, if last year's "Friend Opportunity" was much of the world's first restless handshake with Deerhoof, "Offend Maggie" finds them inviting us into their basement with flashlights and showing us pictures of the ones they love. Ultimately Deerhoof is not about notes and rhythms, but about emotion. And while "Offend Maggie" sparkles with that inimitable something-or-other for which the band's become known, what this record wears on its sleeve so boldly and poignantly, is its stark humanness: of the characters in the lyrics, of the singer in front of the mic, of the band bashing it out in a room together. Fans around the globe who've seen how powerfully they play on stage will recognize the Deerhoof they hear on "Offend Maggie": all fingers and arms and throats and muscles, physical, at times beautiful, at times brutal. Another way of putting it is that Deerhoof sounds more like 'themselves' than they ever have.

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